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The greatest force of power is the pure love found in the Light of our Divinity.

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Light  to Remember

Within us lives the Divine Omnipresence.
This Divine Omnipresence is the light of all Creation.

When anointed with Divine Light, we are graced with Spirit.
In union with Divine Spirit, we are bestowed Wisdom.
In the light of Wisdom, we become one with Divine Providence.
In the embrace of Divine Providence, we are gifted the seeds of Divine Inspiration.
In the illumination of Divine Inspirationwe are creative Life Force Energy.
As creative Life Force Energy, we continue the evolution of creation governed with Love

-We are One.-


In a modern day story telling of a woman's inner pilgrimage comes a new story of spiritual enlightenment which illustrates a loving roadmap, enchanted with divine messages and synchronisties that guide her emergence from her sufferings.

An inner pilgrimage from the darkness into the light.

The Golden Virtue


Unlock theGolden Virtue Within

Discover the secret of the Golden Virtue that unveiled the sacred truth within Ysabel that unleashed her creative genius inspiring the manifestation of her life's mission.

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About the Author

As a Wisdom Keeper, a writer, storyteller, and entrepreneur, my journey toward enlightenment was forged by a series of life events that propelled me in reawakening my union with the Divine. For over a decade, I have been dedicated to unfolding a conscious path for a greater understanding of truth, cultivating the wisdom to heal from multiple diseases and discord. Upon the rekindling of my divinity, latent creative energies awakened an unveiling of deeply profound revelations that have inspired the writings of Divine Wisdom — uncovering the narratives of love, beauty and truth.

My mission and labor of love is to share the messages of the Divine Spirit through creative storytelling to illuminate and inspire beauty within the soul of humanity. Together may we rise into the light, united as one with love.


Tanja's Journal


Messages of

love + light

"The Golden Virtue by Tanja Murgel Subotic is a blessed and beautiful rescue of humanity by the Divine Feminine, calling us to reclaim the sacred within. Wrapped in a compelling story, this book reveals how to free ourselves of our painful egoic unravelling by awakening our hearts to the Divine and live the love that we are.

Reading it is healing."


NY Times best selling author of  'The Answer is Simple Love Yourself' and 'Live your Spirit and Trust your Vibes'

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