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Tanja Subotic

There is one profound, sacred revelation in life - the unrealized Divine spirit that lives within. The light of the divine births the manifestations of love, truth and beauty. This is the harmony that liberates the expression of the soul to create heaven on earth.

Who am I? Has been a question that has riddled our humanity from the beginning of time. To define Who am I, I believe would be to reduce the vastness and the sacredness of the divine truth of our essence to the sense perception of mankind as we exist as an ever-evolving unfoldment of creation itself. 


Yet through this journey of manifested creation called life, one may be defined as a personality established through a collection of experiences. If one should turn to the power of their will through knowledge, to unveil the secret of being, our essence, than one shall come into a complete unfolding as a fully potentialized extension and expression of divine creation. 


And so it is. The unfolding of life’s journey that had once challenged my deeper understanding of life veiled by the darkness of unknowing truth, had become the synchronicities that led me home to the most profound relationship in union with my divinity, in which harmony and balanced was restored in the totality of my being.

the expression of the soul to create heaven on earth.

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Get to Know Us

With her mastery of immersive storytelling, Tania Murgel-Subotic emerges as a spiritual pioneer. She has created a niche all her own in her unique ability to awaken the magic of truth through evocative narrative. In "The Golden Virtue," Tanja takes readers on a journey from sick to Spiritual, from disconnected to connected, from unconscious to awakened. With every word, Tanja beckons us to delve into undiscovered realms of imagination where the soul unveils the truth of human nature through dreams, synchronicities, and life events.


Tania Murgel-Subotic's presence in the literary world is a cosmic force, radiating brilliance and igniting imagination. She effortlessly merges joyful creativity with tactile wisdom as she invites us to embrace our inner magic, to transcend the mundane, and to emerge as enlightened beings. In a divided society, Tanja's message of love and unity has become even more crucial. Her core belief in our divine interconnectedness ignites a spark within us, encouraging us to stand together in love.


Tanja’s impact stretches beyond spoken word and takes flight of the pages into immersive storytelling experiences through multiple mediums of the spoken word. Her message is a beacon of insight and enlightenment, guiding us towards a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe. Her collective creative works serve as a portal to higher consciousness, awakening truths hidden within us all.


"The Golden Virtue" is a catalyst for personal growth and collective change. Tanja's words inspire and guide us towards a brighter future. As readers embark on this stunning story, they realize our shared desire for love, purpose, and fulfillment.


Immerse yourself in Tanja's world, where truth and spirituality come alive through storytelling. Let "The Golden Virtue" be your guiding light toward a profound understanding of yourself and the world. Join us on this transformative journey, embracing the power of words and standing united in love for yourself and all of creation as you fulfill your Divine purpose.

I have met my hearts long and yearning desire to unite with the divine truth and love that my soul had known and had longed to return to that laid latent beneath the mask of this reality that once plagued me an identity of ill, fearfully fragmented and disconnected from the divine. In an enlightening journey towards the summit of light, I have been redeemed and my essence has resurrected. My wholehearted commitment and devotion to unveil the truths of life and more so the unseen omnipresent source of life, inspired a calling and in invitation to Divine Spirit.

Simply by recognizing the Divine Omnipresent principle in which is the source of life, the life of light within, awakened within me a sacred communion with the divine. It is the fruit of this union that divine Providence has blessed me with divine inspirations that blossom into creative storytelling that reveal the principles of Divine Wisdom found in the truth of the light forged in love. 

My mission is to share the messages of Spirit with humanity through creative writing and storytelling to illuminate and inspire the beauty within the soul of humanity so that we might rise together into the light, united as one with love.

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In The Press

Meet Tanja Subotic, an intuitive writer, entrepreneur, and author of “The Golden Virtue”. Her unique journey towards enlightenment inspires readers to connect with their inner wisdom and divine purpose. Learn more about Tanja’s mission to spread the message of Divine Wisdom through captivating storytelling.


The Golden Virtue – Tanja Subotic’s Upcoming Stories Are A Conduit Of Divine Wisdom.

Humanity’s next-great modern allegory has been written. Tanja Subotic’s The Golden Virtue is the result of a meaningful labor of love – and the author’s faithfulness to wisdom delivered to her by the Divine Spirit. In a world of disease and discord, these are the stories that will aid humanity in a quest to cultivate a life of balance and restore harmony. Subotic illuminates and inspires beauty with her stories. It is with bated breath that the world awaits them.

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The Golden Virtue Is Set to Reveal Rare Insights into How You Can Step Out Of The Darkness And Soar Into The Light

After experiencing a void of disparity, writer, storyteller, and entrepreneur Tanja Subotic rose like the golden sunrise casting her rays of light once she learned how to unearth her true treasure – the Divine Spirit. Now through creative storytelling, she aims to illuminate and inspire others by highlighting the love, truth, and beauty within the soul of a united humanity.



The Importance Of Mindset For Your Healing Journey With Tanja Subotic

In a world plagued by suffering, seeing the beauty in pain can feel impossible. But overcoming adversity, whether mental or physical, all comes back to mindset - as they say, mindset is everything. Tanja Subotic, an enriched and inspired woman, has blossomed from the plague of illness and discord into the light of truth and has healed in all levels of her being. And now, she’s here to inspire the light found at the core root of all suffering to help others.

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