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The Gift of Breath

“Breath, the fountain of life, bestowed upon us at birth. The gift of breath unites us in Oneness, for we all drink air from the same cup…“Breath is our tool, connecting us to our true self, and it is our breath which carries us back to the seat of our soul. When we focus on our breath and learn the art of stillness, we move into our presence, and in the awareness of presence we discern, rather than react to life.

We act from a state of control. Life becomes the act of meditation when we are in presence. There is much beauty in the act of discernment, by removing judgment based upon your life’s experience the filter of illusion is removed to witness what is truly being presented, what is true in the moment.

Presence is awareness and in presence, we can step back and remove emotions from the events presenting themselves, allowing you to navigate from the state of consciousness. By doing so, life’s happenings can be received with grace, rather than resistance, which allows you harmony and balance. This is the beauty of liberation.”

Chapter 5, Page 90 | The Golden Virtue

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