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The Golden Virtue Book

An inner pilgrimage from darkness into the light.



Gold Rose

In a modern day story telling of a woman's inner pilgrimage comes a new story of spiritual enlightenment which illustrates a loving roadmap, enchanted with divine messages and synchronisties that guide her emergence from her sufferings.

Ysabel Meyer, a beautiful, successful journalist, mother and wife, spiritual unfoldment is set forth by a series of multiple illnesses and diseases that ultimately held her captive in a life lived in a state of unconsciousness that perpetuated a downward fall into her despair. On the threshold of spiraling into the depths of her darkness, Ysabel is faced with the frightening reality that something beyond the purview of traditional medicine has literally taken her to her knees setting forth the quickening of a series of revelations for discernment that her ongoing health crisis may be more than the manifestation of illnesses. 

Realizing modern medicine has offered limited solutions for her increasingly failing health and emotional discord, Ysabel is granted the gift of insight from her adored son Elijah that ultimately opens the door inviting the journey eternal to her inner tabernacle that initiates the greatest discoveries that lay latent beneath the mask of her disease. A motivation seeded by her son to understand the deep truths of life, Isabel regains harmony and balance in finding the true essence of love for herself that inspires her commitment and presence within the world.


Through a journey enriched with divine guidance, Ysabel departs from the resistance found in what was once perceived as the darkness as she emerges into the grace and her redemption found in the light, as she forges a relationship with her divinity that unveils the greatest truths found within this divine communion. Through the light of her union with the Divine, Ysabel transforms as the veil that once blinded her to the truth of life is lifted. As a result, she is freed from the chains that once bound her wings. This liberates her to discover herself, her essence, life's meaning, and her place within it. In the wake of her divine calling, the latent, innate genius creative life force energy within her soul is revealed and manifests in an expression of beauty and love that inspires the light in humanity, uniting the world as one family.

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Discover the secret of the Golden Virtue that unveiled the sacred truth within Ysabel that unleashed her creative genius inspiring the manifestation of her life's mission.

Unlock theGolden Virtue Within

Dr. Shefali

NY Times Bestselling Author

and Clinical Psychologist

"This is a well told story of a journey of pain to triumph and fear to empowerment. In it you will find echos of your own personal adventure from the shadows of your inauthenticity towards the bright essence of your inner truth."

Sonia Choquette

NY Times Bestselling Author

"The Golden Virtue is a blessed and beautiful rescue of humanity by the Divine Feminine, calling us to reclaim the sacred within. Wrapped in a compelling story, this book reveals how to free ourselves of our painful egoic unravelling by awakening our hearts to the Divine and live the love that we are. Reading it is healing."

Natasha Graziano

NY Time Bestselling Author, #1 Female Motivational Speaker & Mindset Coach

"Bringing back the light of the soul through a transformational and powerful journey, Tanja Murgel-Subotic, an authentic and inspiring conduit of Divine Wisdom, unfolds a profound spiritual awakening in the story The Golden Virtue. The light of truth shines through this revelation of the divine essence within the soul, shedding light on the dark that exists within the unknowing of our true selves. This is a profound storytelling of unveiling the divine truth we all seek."
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Discover the truth that lives within the light & unveil your essence
About the Author

As an intuitive conduit of Divine Wisdom, a writer, storyteller, and entrepreneur, my journey toward enlightenment was forged by a series of life events that propelled me in reawakening my union with the Divine. For over a decade, I have been dedicated to unfolding a conscious path for a greater understanding of truth, cultivating the wisdom to heal from multiple diseases and discord. Upon the rekindling of my divinity, latent creative energies awakened an unveiling of deeply profound revelations that have inspired the writings of Divine Wisdom — uncovering the narratives of love, beauty and truth.

My mission and labor of love is to share the messages of the Divine Spirit through creative storytelling to illuminate and inspire beauty within the soul of humanity.

Together may we rise into the light, united as one with love.

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